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Balancing Contemporary Challenges With Innovability



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To pioneer a future where innovation harmoniously intertwines with sustainability,
paving the way for a balanced global community.

About the Conference

Welcome to the 22nd  International Conference on ECONOMICS – FINANCE – MANAGEMENT (ICEFM2024). The leading theme for the ICEFM2024 edition is “Balancing Contemporary Challenges with Innovability.” The Conference is organized by the Institute of Economics, Polish Academy of Sciences (IE PAS); Centrum PUCP Business School, Lima, Perú; and Cognitione Foundation.

The main goal of the ECONOMICS – FINANCE – MANAGEMENT (ICEFM2024) conference is to provide a platform for researchers, scholars, professionals, and policymakers from around the world to come together and exchange ideas, insights, and research findings related to contemporary challenges in the fields of economics, finance, business, management.

Conference Focus & Innovability

The conference aims to foster interdisciplinary discussions and collaborations to address the evolving dynamics and complexities in economic policy, business practices, and management strategies. It seeks to explore innovative approaches, share best practices, and propose solutions to the emerging challenges that impact the global economic landscape.

Innovability, the fusion of innovation and sustainability, takes center stage as we explore its transformative power in the evolving world of economic policy, business practices, and management strategies. It's about harnessing innovation for a sustainable and equitable future. Innovability is a concept that signifies the harmonious integration of innovation and sustainability. It is about embracing innovation while ensuring it is sustainable, ethical, and socially responsible. Innovability is not just about creating cutting-edge solutions; it is about creating solutions that positively impact society and the environment.


Conference Highlights

  • Thematic Areas: Explore diverse thematic tracks with the core theme of new challenges in economic policy, business, and management and the leading topic (not limited to) Balancing Contemporary Challenges with Innovability, blending international perspectives and Latin American specifics.
  • Academic and Business Synergy: Bridge the gap between academia and industry, fostering collaboration to drive Innovability in the international and Latin American business environment.
  • Business Roundtables: Join thought leaders and industry experts in candid discussions on Innovability strategies for businesses.
  • Innovability Hackathon: Engage in hands-on problem-solving and collaborate with peers to develop innovative solutions to real-world challenges in international and Latin American businesses.


Benefits for Participants

  • Innovability Insights: Understand how Innovability can drive success in economic policy, business, and management.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with business professionals, researchers, and students from around the world.
  • Knowledge Enrichment and Global Impact: Contribute to developing sustainable and innovative solutions within economics, finance, and management. Access the latest research, trends, and insights in Innovability. Enhance your professional profile and skill set. Develop critical thinking skills through discussions and problem-solving activities.
  • Publication Opportunities & Call for Papers: Showcase your research findings or innovative projects on a global stage.
  • Encourage Young Innovators: Create opportunities for future administrators of change (students, young professionals, and emerging leaders) to present their ideas, receive mentorship, and network with industry experts.

Balancing Contemporary Challenges with Innovability