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An Invitation to

18th Conference of  Scientists and Business Professionals



New Challenges in Economic Policy, Business and Management


Business and Non-profit Organizations Facing Increased Competition and Growing Customers' Demands

Under the patronage of the Minister of Science and Higher Education 



17-18 JUNE 2019


Staszic Palace, Nowy Swiat 72 street, 00-330 Warsaw, Poland


Pałac Staszica 2

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The growing turbulence of an organization's environment and its globalization processes force organizations to look for new ways of succeeding in the market. This applies not only to organizations focused on profit, but also those whose goals are social ones. Hence the need to organize a scientific conference addressed at science and business people who can diagnose current problems and challenges related to contemporary economic problems with regards to management and finance. Only a comprehensive (from a macro and micro perspective) and an interdisciplinary view of problems related to the management of for-profit and non-profit organizations gives us an opportunity to fully understand their functioning in the environment.


  • creating a framework for discussion,
  • the presentation and dissemination of research results and business implementations,
  • the integration of the science and business practice environment.


Thematic areas

1) New Challenges for Economic Policy:

  • Macroeconomic policies
  • Regional and innovative policies
  • Enterprise policy
  • Smart specialization
  • Smart enterprise growth, knowledge governance, and innovation strategies in the regional context
  • Smart enterprise networks and clusters: linking the business and public actors

2) New Challenges in Business

  • New challenges in entrepreneurship
  • Innovation and innovativeness of enterprises
  • New forms of running a business
  • New finances and business accounting
  • New threats in business
  • Others, related to new challenges in business

3) New Management Challenges

  • New management problems
  • New methods and management tools
  • New forms of organization and management
  • New threat in management
  • New challenges in the organization's environment
  • Others, related to new management challenges


  • Business and non-profit organizations as the objects of research
  • Modern tools for business and non-profit organizations management
  • Business and non-profit organizations in a market economy
  • Business nad non-profit organizations - sectoral and industrial aspects
  • Social sciences facing the challenges of the modern economy,
  • New concepts, tendencies, and challenges in economics,
  • Globalization processes,
  • Others related to economics, management, and finance.